Friedhof in Novosibirsk – Fotoeindrücke von Sasha

Sasha war Gast während des letzten Death Café in Zürich und erzählte uns von Begräbnissen und Friedhöfen in Russland insbesondere ihrer Heimatstadt Novosibirsk.

Hier eine Auswahl ihrer Fotos mit ihren Erklärungen dazu in Englisch.

1. Typical present for those who attended the funerals: a handkerchief or a kitchen towel
2. Typical food to take away – chocolate candies wrapped in the paper. They are usual candies so people might eat them on any other day.


In my native city of Novosibirsk the body stays in the coffin in the flat for three days



3. In my native city of Novosibirsk the body stays in the coffin in the flat for three days (the funerals normally take place on the third day after death). The cover of the coffin should stay outside. Here you can see that the cover in on the stair case.


4 – 8. The fragments of the textile the body is covered with. They should look pretty (even luxury may be) though the quality is bad – the textiles are produced for the funeral case. The plastic flowers can also go inside the coffin. Taking pictures of a dead body considered to be bad. So these are the pictures from my two grandmothers‘ funerals. When my parents saw me with the camera they got very nervous and would not allow me to take pictures of the dead.

9 – 10. It would be a typical set of objects next to the coffin: a photo of the dead (which is placed on the grave after the burial), a book with prays and a candle. The fires are very common because there are candles which burn all day long and at night as well when nobody is watching and there are a lot of plastic flowers which are flammable. The sign (picture 10) contains the name of the dead, years of life and R.I.P. (as the last line). This sign is temporary and placed on the grave for one year (as you can see in picture 11).

12. Here is a typical graveyard in winter. Here you can see (front left) that the temporary metal gravestone thing was never replaced with a proper gravestone.
13. Graveyard in winter. Most gravestones are covered with snow. Every gravestone has a picture of the dead (orthodox tradition).
14. Fresh graves in winter
15. Graveyard in winter
16. Graveyard road – the graves are on both sides of the road
17. Military sector – those who were military men have a star on the gravestone.

Wenn man die Fotos anklickt vergrößern sie sich.

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